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Q&A with Justin Chon from 'Twilight'

The State Press recently sat down with Justin Chon, who plays Eric Yorkie in the “Twilight” movies, while he helped himself to a plate of macaroni.

He comes off as a nice young fellow and very enthusiastic about his profession.

State Press: Are you for Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Justin Chon: I’m Team Switzerland. No, I’m Team Jacob. I sort of like the underdog.

SP: Were you a fan of the “Twilight” novels prior to the movies?

JC: I had heard of them, but I hadn’t read them yet. After I booked the role, I started reading them. It sort of was a requirement.

SP: Do you ever use the line, “I’m a star of the ‘Twilight’ saga” to pick up chicks?

JC: To be honest I can never say it because that would be pretty douchey. It’s a cheap trick, but my friends can say it.

SP: You recently decided to dye your hair blonde. What brought on that change?

JC: It’s summertime in the LBC [Long Beach, Calif.]. It’s just time to lighten up. People take life too seriously, and I don’t. I just like to do what I want even though my agent and manager were pretty angry at me.

SP: Being an actor who has worked in numerous entertainment mediums, what is your favorite film and television show?

JC: I really liked “Arrested Development” because it was so ahead of its time. I like stuff that’s really off the wall. I also like documentaries. See “A Prophet,” a small art house film available on DVD now. It’s awesome!

SP: Are you a fan of any other vampire series like “True Blood” or “The Vampire Diaries?”

JC: No. I watched the first season of “True Blood.” I know it’s a good show and Alan Ball’s amazing. But I haven’t followed up on it. But one of my favorite movies is “Interview with the Vampire.” Tom Cruise is actually really good in that.

SP: Is there any particular actor or director you’d like to work with?

JC: I want to work with Aziz Ansari. I loved his character in “Funny People,” Randy.

SP: Are you friends with any of the “Twlight” cast members offstage?

JC: I’m the closest with Michael Welch who plays Mike. We have very similar interests. I also really like making fun of Christian Serratos, who plays my girlfriend in the movie. I just really like making fun of her and telling her how ugly she is.

SP: Is Taylor Lautner’s six-pack real and if so is he constantly looking for excuses to take off his shirt like in the movie?

JC: It is real and, yes, he rarely has a shirt on, even in the mountains where it’s snowy because he’s tough like that with big muscles…tough!

SP: Who would win in a fight, Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

JC: Edward Cullen because he’s very powerful. Harry Potter needs a broom to fly around and Edward Cullen can just jump around real high on his own. If they were to duel, Harry Potter would start using magic but then Edward Cullen could read his mind and predict what he’s going to do. And he could distract him with his glittery body then punch him in the balls.

SP: How’s that macaroni you’re eating?

JC: It’s actually pretty decent. I like it

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