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How To: Join an Intramural

Delay no longer, intramurals await. Photo by Diana Martinez.
Delay no longer, intramurals await. Photo by Diana Martinez.

Signing up for an intramural team at Arizona State University may seem like a challenge. There are so many different sports to choose from, and it's not often clear what you have to do to join.

Should you join the soccer team or a volleyball team? Do you want to be on the table tennis intramural team or are you more of a badminton kind of person?

Although State Press Magazine can't make the sports decision for you, we can lift you out of the administrative muck and point you toward divine intramural happiness with our guide to signing up.

Step One: Complete an entry form.

Entry forms can be found at the front desk of the Student Recreation Center. (No, this form is not online yet. You will have to go speak with a real person.)

This first step sounds easy, but can be a bit tricky depending on whether or not you are signing up as a free agent or as part of a team.

If you are going in as a free agent, you must sign up through the free agent list (which is online) and will need to specify which league, division and competition level you wish to participate in. Once you are on the list, team captains will be able to view your application and choose you to be on their team.

If you are looking to sign up as a team with a group of your friends, you don't need to worry about the free agent list. All you and your friends have to do is go to the SRC front desk and fill out an application.

Step Two: Paying the "team fee."

Again, this step will be different for free agents than it will be for groups.

As a free agent, you have to wait until your team captain contacts you before you worry about the fee. However, once you have been assigned to a team, just like teams that have already been formed, you will then be able to complete the registration form and together as a team pay the team fee.

Most of the team fees don't exceed $35 and go to offset the costs of running each league, including equipment and staffing costs.

For some lucky students, intramural participation is free. If you are a resident of any ASU Tempe Residence Hall, a student in the W.P. Carey School of Business or a student from the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, you don't pay a team fee.

Step Three: Enjoy!

Intramurals at ASU are all about having fun and harboring a little healthy competition. It is up to your team whether or not you practice or if you are just going to wing it and show up the day of the competition. So get out there, sign up for some intramurals, and have some fun.

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