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When a movie’s title is “Jackass,” it makes it difficult to critique it. That would kind of make you look like, oh, I don’t know, a jackass maybe.

It’s safe to say that if you’re going to go out and see the third installment of the “Jackass” franchise, you are aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

People get hit in the groin by a myriad of different things, bodily fluids are used in ways they shouldn’t be, people get kicked, slapped and punched.

If you like watching people deliberately inflict pain on themselves, it’s hilarious. If that’s not your thing, you probably won’t go see this movie.

It’s nothing new, just rehashes of old things the “Jackass” crew have already done or new and more extreme interpretations of past stunts. There are only so many ways Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O and the rest of the “Jackass” crew can take a shot to the crotch. That doesn’t mean that watching any of them take said shot to the crotch isn’t funny.

The one new thing the third “Jackass” does give us is a third dimension. This new 3D thing is pretty cool when the scenes are actually shot with a 3D camera. You can tell when it is because the image is much cleaner, crisper and that third dimension really sticks out. Other parts of the film are converted, and the effect is not nearly as dazzling. Honestly, most of the time you’re not even really aware of the fact that it’s in 3D, because it just doesn’t change the viewing experience that much. I’m sure Steve-O drinking a “Sweat Cocktail” is just as funny in 2D as it is in 3D, and the 2D ticket will save you a couple bucks.

It all comes down to taste. If you saw the other two “Jackass” films or watched the show on MTV, you’ll probably see “Jackass 3D.” If you’re not into that kind of thing, you probably won’t. It’s just something that you either find funny or you find repulsive. The 3D is a fun effect, but it’s not what makes the movie what it is. It’s a great way to spend an hour-and-a-half in a world where nothing matters with a bunch of guys who will do anything for a laugh.

“Jackass 3D” is cinematic escapism at its best, unless you’re trying to escape your gag reflex.

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