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Just as the Black Eyed Peas fellow below expectations at the half-time show, "Glee" became sub par in its attempt to out-do themselves in their Super Bowl spot.

While the show's half-time performance was successful on many levels, the rest of the episode premiered a cheesier side to the fine line the show already walks. The opening dance number showed little dance and more random BMX riders, blue hair and sparkler bras. Looking to even a finer detail that bothered this writer more than ever: Wasn't football season over months ago? But thank you to the person who decided to bring in the hockey team. I was wondering if the school had another sport.

As Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, attempted to go over the top, the writers of this episode followed suit. The idea of camaraderie was appreciated after so many episodes of slushies thrown in losers' faces (which did happen again this episode), but did it have to feel like an afternoon special? Tina's (Jenna Ushkowitz) knock to the ground didn't send shivers to my arm hoping she'd be okay; Puck (Mark Salling) trying to be intimidating while sing “Need You Now” simply felt awkward. I can only hope that tomorrow's Valentine's Day episode gets back to where the award-winning show was before the winter hiatus.

Still, there were some glimmers of the Golden Globe-worthy show many fans have come to love. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Michael Jackson "Heads Will Roll"/"Thriller" mash-up was what saved this show from the “blah” factor, Sylvester's Black Eyed Peas references were worthy of laughs, and the unexpected kiss at the end does bring viewers a cliff-hanger for Tuesday's episode.

Glee still remains an excellent show, but was this post-Super Bowl premiere not trying to bring in more viewers to the popular program? I can't say that I know many football-loving guys who would tune in regularly after this first impression.

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