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"WTF" 1 out of 5 Pitchforks Vanilla Ice StandBy Records

If there's one thing you've heard by largely forgotten '90s rap star Vanilla Ice, it's his most popular song, “Ice Ice Baby.” And if there's one thing you need to know about Vanilla Ice, it's that he released an album today.

Dallas-based rapper Robert Van Winkle, best known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, has always been known as a bit of a novelty act. His biggest hit and instantly recognizable single “Ice Ice Baby” may have put him on the map, but didn't quite gain him the critical respect he desired.

But just in case you hadn't had enough of the 'Nilla, he has returned with his newest album, “WTF.” All joking internet slang aside, it is meant as an abbreviation for “Wisdom, Tenacity and Focus.” That's all well and fine, but you can't help but wonder if after wrapping up recording, Vanilla Ice himself had the same thought I'm sure every listener will have – WTF?

As much as we all had hoped that Van Winkle had finally accepted his joke rap role, he did not share the same sentiment. The rapper gave an update on the album via his official MySpace page shortly after completion, "The album is awesome! It's called 'WTF' for a reason, and you will understand that reason when you hear it.

“It has everything from techno to hip-hop to country to acoustic. It will blow you away!"

As promised, the album had a diverse sound, but it didn't quite have the effect he intended. Nearly every song on the album is laughable. And not, “Hey, Vanilla Ice is a pretty funny dude!” laughable. We're talking “He really thought that was a good idea?” laughable.

The album leads off with “Turn It Up,” which sounds like it could have been cut straight from his 1989 debut album. But it's not until the album's most notable featured artist shows up that we truly see the WTF-inducing abilities of this album. On the hilariously awful “Born On Halloween,” he teams up with Violent J (of Insane Clown Posse fame) to produce what could possibly be the soundtrack to a bad Tim Burton film.

While “WTF” may not be the commercial success I'm sure Vanilla Ice was hoping for, you still have to give the man props for trying. Unfortunately, trying only gets you so far.

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