Palm Walk Runway: Rays of Sunshine

With the sun deciding to make a lasting appearance, the shades begin to unleash themselves. In an earlier blog, I wrote about how to find the right style of jeans for your body type. And now, I am going to advise you on how to find the right style of sunglasses for your face shape.

It may sound easy, however, I know many people who struggle to find a perfect shape of sunglasses that work great with them. Just because Ray Bans are in, does not mean they will look the best on everyone. There are eight different face shapes, and I will go through every single one to help you find the best pair of glasses.

I am first going to start with a round and an oval shape face. For a round face, wide oval and cat-eye styles will work the best and will help to diminish the appearance of fullness. If you also look for frames that tend to be wider than tall and that have a higher temple, these will styles look best on you. Now, luckily those with an oval shape face, almost any eyeglass style and shape will work on you. However, I recommend that the frames be as wide or a little wider than the widest part of your face.

Next, comes long and narrow. For a longer face, I recommend going with oval glasses and styles that have a horizontal line which will in return shorten the appearance of the face. If there is also some detailing on the sides of the glasses, the focus can be drawn outward. For a narrow face, I suggest going with a smaller frame. Glasses with rounded lenses are more flattering and again detailing on the sides of the frames will give an illusion of width at the temples.

Now, it is time for the square and wide-shaped faces. For a square-shaped face, it is recommended to go for shapes that are wider than they are tall. Also, try to stray away from frames that are too fat along the bottom because that can give a boxy look. Wide faces are able to pull off aviators the best. I also recommend choosing larger and wider frames that have sidepieces with spring hinges. The spring hinges will sit nice and snug on your head without squeezing it.

Finally, comes the inverted triangle and the heart shape. The inverted triangle may sound funny but it is an actual shape and there are many people with this shape. For this shape, I suggest choosing a frame with an emphasis on the top. Aviators will also work really great for this shape, or a half-rim shape. Even the grandma-style blue blockers will work great with your shape. A heart-shaped face can be very similar to an inverted triangle shape however they are still their own category. For the hearts it is recommended to wear oval, slightly rounded or butterfly shapes to help soften the face.

Trying to find those perfect sunglasses to work best with your face can be just as tiring and time consuming as trying on jeans. But, if you stick to the right styles for your shape, you will be rocking those shades in no time.

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