Review: Lady Gaga’s 'Born This Way' video

Let's begin with addressing and getting over the most popular criticism of Lady Gaga's recent work: She's not original.

As everything is inspired from someone who has come before, the idea of this title track being a Madonna copycat needs to be put to rest. The fact is this video is so jaw-dropping, innovative, and Gaga-esque that the comparison insults will stop here.

The audience enters the video with a spoken manifesto of the artist with a celestial ovary and a kaleidoscope-looking birth. One would groan, expecting it to follow the influence of the long-winded and fruitless ?"Alejandro?," but as the music begins, there are no pauses for a random scene. This time, we get the music straight through — plus a collage of birthed heads, Dia de los Muertos-faced Gaga, scantily-clad dancers and an oil-covered posse.

The music slows as Gaga pays tribute (we're assuming) to influences like Prince and the King of Pop, riding off into the world of judgment on her sparkling unicorn.

The idea of this new generation without judgment is another notch in the belt of Gaga's revolution. With a second video in the works for ?"Born This Way?," Gaga puts her music to a purpose. All the proceeds will be put to an anti-bullying charity, going along with the theme of her upcoming album.

There's no denying this video has about 10 different themes that take multiple views to fully comprehend. This conglomeration of ideas is what Gaga has honed in on; she has successfully channeled a car crash. She's going to get you to watch it, review it, and become incapable of looking away.

Any advocate of Mother Monster will have to face the truth: most people are going to hate this video, this song and the album once it releases. But Gaga's got you covered, Little Monsters. It's all part of the irony.

Judge Gaga. Judge the song. Remember, though, it will only prove her right.

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