Wednesday: Girl Talk at Tempe’s Marquee Theater

Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis is just another dweeb who throws songs together in his room on some expensive laptop with some expensive software you’ve never heard of — right?


Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, has taken mash-ups to an obsessive level for the past 10 years, creating five full-length albums and two EPs, combining old hits and new favorites like no one has before. It should be a shock that most DJs don’t just quit their jobs and play Girl Talk’s latest venture “All Day” on repeat every night. Gillis blends the line of genres as he seamlessly flows Neil Diamond tunes into Jay-Z raps.

Rocking a laptop and a very tall table, Gillis will be performing at Tempe’s Marquee Theatre Wednesday, March 23.

So, if you’ve ever downloaded the bipolar tracks of Girl Talk and wondered how one gets their groove on to the ever-changing beats, head out to the end of Mill Avenue to discover the chaos. Previous Girl Talk shows have included balloons, confetti, strobe lights, Gillis throwing half the audience on stage, Gillis getting naked and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-like characters holding leaf blowers that spin toilet paper out into the audience.

This guy has barely gone a week without touring since his fourth album, “Feed The Animals,” and shouldn’t be stopping anytime soon. Gillis works hard to create the greatest house party ever, and the boy wants the biggest crowd he can shove into the confines of Marquee.

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