Young rock band Kitten is a breath of fresh air

With mature vocals, dynamic melodies and strong lyrics, Kitten's EP “Sunday Schoolhas exquisite soul. Who would of guessed that all but two of the band members are under 21 — and that lead singer and writer Chloe Chaidez is only 16?

Though together for less than a year, the Los Angeles natives have already performed at South by Southwest, nabbed a tour with Young The Giant, aired their video on MTV and been recognized as one of the most promising young bands by

The State Press met up with the band prior to their performance at Phoenix's Rhythm Room last Tuesday, where the musicians discussed their current tour and upcoming album.

“Just on this last tour we are tighter as a band musically and friend-wise,” said the bed-headed drummer Max Kuehn.

Young not only as a band but also in age, touring has been touch-and-go when it comes to the friendliness of venues. There have been times when the younger band members haven’t even been able to stay in the venue after the show. Overall though, Chloe feels they are being treated the same as any other band.

Regardless of any hoops they must jump through before their 21st birthdays, Kitten brought quite the performance to the Rhythm Room last week. As they asked for more volume during sound check, the keys began to scream unique melodies as the strings followed suit. And then, unexpectedly, the mild-mannered vocalist broke into spastic dance moves, hair never removed from her face. The energy, life and passion in the music is undeniable.

The band triumphed through more than 10 songs, bringing the same high energy throughout the entire set. The lyrics remained clear and the chemistry between the bandmates was unbelievable as they playfully shoved each other, throwing random kicks between sets.

One remarkable thing about these guys (and girl) is the amount they smiled during their performance. Kitten is a breath of fresh air, leaving the arrogance gained from fame behind and legitimately having fun on stage.

Chloe ended her vocals, dropped the microphone and ran off-stage as the boys closed out the instruments and the audience stood in awe, wondering what exactly they just saw. Answer: one of the greatest up-and-coming bands.

With about a month to go in their tour, Kitten has another round of SXSW ahead of them, then the wrapping up of their first full-length album, due in August. For now, check out their EP “Sunday School” and get your spastic dance on.

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