Downtown Dispatch: Ann Taylor's Wardrobe

The Phoenix Art Museum is continuing on with their “The Year of Fashion at the Phoenix Art Museum” with one of their recent exhibits, “The Original Style of Ann Bonfoey Taylor.”

So last Wednesday when the Phoenix Art Museum was free for the evening, I set some time aside to spend exploring, admiring, and reading up on the life and clothing of Ann Taylor. When I initially went in to the exhibit, I wasn’t sure if clothing that Taylor designed would be showcased, or just items from her personal collection. Well, when I made my way into the featured exhibit room I was pleasantly surprised to see that the exhibit featured both.

Taylor’s collection consisted of pieces from her skiwear line (did you know that she was once an Olympic skier? Yeah, I didn’t either), gowns from the most famous designers of her time, undergarments that you couldn’t ever imagine someone sucking themselves into (you know, for all those dresses that were only designed with teeny, tiny wastes), outdoors clothing (think vintage furs, vintage Gucci satchels, amazing vintage luggage, the most perfect ten pairs of riding boots,) and other seriously vintage treasures Taylor had collected over the years.

After viewing this collection I was absolutely blown away. The amazing pieces that Taylor had kept for so long were breathtaking, and truly showed the history of fashion through the years.

If you have a free afternoon or evening before May 29, I definitely suggest checking out the Ann Taylor personal wardrobe collection exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum.

The Phoenix Art Museum is located at 1625 N. Central Ave.

Editor's Note: It was inaccurately reported that Olympic skier Ann Bonfeoy Taylor is Ann Taylor of retail store Ann Taylor Loft. They are unrelated. The story has been changed to reflect the correction.

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