Downtown Dispatch: LUXury Coffee

In midtown Phoenix is a tiny coffee shop that has a lot of heart to it. LUX Coffee Bar is an intimate coffee shop that offers hand-crafted, quality espresso-based drinks and also some of the most delicious pastries around.

When I first started coming to the downtown campus, I took myself on a tour of the city to scope out all the important things: coffee shops, restaurants, and vintage stores. On my tour, I discovered LUX Coffee Bar. Since then I have spent mornings and afternoons sipping huge lattes and eating sweet pastries by their front window (my favorite spot). LUX is definitely one of those places I wish I could visit more often, so whenever I get the chance to stop there, that thought just makes it seem like an extra special occasion, rather than your usual run-of-the-mill coffee stop.

This tiny, hallway like coffee shop has a cozy feel to it. One wall is lined with tables and chairs, perfect for doing homework or checking up on your favorite blogs (be sure and get there early though, the shop fills up fast during the day), and the other side is sectioned off into the ordering counter/barista area, and a comfy seating area with couches and oversized chairs. Oh, and there is also outdoor seating in front of the shop that would be the perfect spot for warm latte on one of these last few chilly mornings we have among us in Phoenix (last chance until fall, yikes!).

With regards to quality coffee, the baristas at LUX sure seem to put a lot of heart into their drinks. The drinks are always made right in front of you, and if you get a latte you will always get some kind of pretty latte art right in your cup. Perfect way to start your morning! Who doesn’t love a pretty picture in your yummy drink?

So if you’re wanting to try out a new coffee shop, LUX is the place to go.

LUX Coffee Bar is located at 4404 North Central Avenue # 1, and is open Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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