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"Soul Surfer" 4 out of 5 Pitchforks Released: Friday, April 8

Determination. Courage. Positivity. Love. All that is what it took to get Bethany Hamilton back on her surfboard after losing her arm in a shark attack.

"Soul Surfer" tastefully recaptures this inspirational story and perfectly portrays the meaning of rising back up after falling down.

The film sends an uplifting message to its viewers about faith, keeping the story straight to what it was and who Hamilton is, though the religious undertones could have been slightly downplayed.

Director and co-writer Sean McNamara brought Hamilton to life through her close relationships as a best friend, sister, daughter and also as a competitor.

AnnaSophia Robb (Hamilton) gave an applaud-worthy performance, even next to the all-star set of parents, Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid.

The Hamiltons were portrayed as a cliché, "Brady Bunch"-esque family; however, it was only to their advantage as the audience was drawn to their charm, and not rejected by their perfection.

Hawaii is already considered paradise. The cinematography in "Soul Surfer" took that to a whole new level. The way the filmmakers shot the water and captured a surfer’s world was truly beautiful.

The competition and training scenes were also a driving aspect, in which the screenplay revealed the amazing athleticism of female surfers.

Unfortunately, Carrie Underwood did not quite cut it for her debut. Her character seemed slightly empty and stagnant. She probably would have had a better chance it she had just sung her lines.

The soundtrack for "Soul Surfer" was the icing on the cake. The songs moved the scenes along, but did not distract from the pivotal moments.

From the tears to the triumphs, the experiences that made this story so remarkable were all a part of what made "Soul Surfer" a success.

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