‘The Rip Tide’ takes fans on a journey

“The Rip Tide”

4 out of 5 Pitchforks

Pompeii Records

Released: Aug. 30

If you are familiar with the musical sensation that is Beirut, then you’ve probably already downloaded the digital copy of “The Rip Tide” that released on Aug. 2. Today, physical copies of the album will come out in disc and vinyl form, giving you the ability to jam to trumpet solos and Zachary Francis Condon’s pop vocals in whatever hipster medium you prefer.

But the real question is: Do you really want to listen to it? The answer to that would be simply — yes. Yes you do. Condon’s vocals draw you into an elegant world of reminiscence, touring around the world from East Harlem to his hometown, Sante Fe, all in the style of old pop.

You are but a “Vagabond” in “The Rip Tide,” and you will go wherever Condon tells (or sings) you to go. When you’re five, you’re off to “Goshen.” Then, maybe you’ll drift back to the “Port of Call” where you will only smile. “Payne’s Bay” will show you a headstrong man as you wiggle your toes in the lonely town’s sand.

For the fans, Beirut will not offer you as much eastern influence as was their essence for so long. Nevertheless, the band stays true to their old-world pop melodies. Rather than offer the powerful openings from past releases like “Gulag Orkestar” or “The Flying Club Cup,” the piano, trumpet, and vocals sway you back and forth like rocking waves as you sail to unfamiliar lands.

Very rarely does a style suit the title of an album well. “The Rip Tide” will send you on a trip to quiet destinations and bustling towns simply by its melodies. The album beckons you to leave home with Mr. Condon and his merry band and take a quick trip with them across the seas.


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