Broke's the New Black: “So Why Not Fly High?”

I swear, you never know the people you’re going to meet in a night. In one of my most recent weekend endeavors, I met someone who put me in sync with Yung Rizzo, young hip-hop recording artist and founder of the apparel line “Fly High.”

So tell us about Fly High! What exactly does it consist of Fly High is the label that I am a hip-hop recording artist for and also a founder. It started when a couple of friends told me I should take music seriously and start recording. Next thing you know, I’m in the studio listening to beats, recording tracks, and touring different cities.

Fly High consists of music and clothing right now, but we’re looking to expand. Sky's the limit, so why not Fly High?

Where did the name Fly High come from and what sparked your decision to start your own brand? It’s what my friends and I called ourselves. We were always into clothes and kicks and just fashion as a whole. We always thought we were the flyest of them all so we added “high” to “fly.”  But when you think about it, it means so much more; it’s music, fashion, the struggle, the goals, and the dreams. Get fly or get flown over, Fly High! Overcome the obstacles that life throws at you, Fly High!

It started when we got some Fly High tees and sweaters made for everyone involved with Fly High Music Group. When I rocked a Fly High sweater in my music video "Let Go", featured on, everyone started asking where they could buy one. From then on, I decided to mass-produce them.

What influences you when designing new apparel and where do you see Fly High going in the future? You always have to be inventive and create something that everyone would like, so I guess you could say diversity influences me. But another big factor in designing is making sure that what you create you would wear yourself.

In the future I could see Fly High growing and growing. It’s more than me, than everyone involved, than my music, than the clothing. It's a lifestyle. It's a movement!  If you feel your fly and swagged out, you’re Fly High.  If you beat the odds and stand up for what is right, you’re Fly High. Sky's the limit, Fly High!

Where can we find Fly High and buy some gear? You could find the gear on my website,

Tell us more about you personally… I'm 25 and live in the Bay Area of California. I'm really into music, but at times I go hoop, spend time with family or take trips to enjoy life: it’s random. Got to Fly High and live life to the fullest!

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