Devil Dish: Jan. 23

For years, the Phoenix Suns was a household name not just in Arizona, but also across the entire nation.

Once heralded as an offensive genius, Mike D’Antoni was the mastermind behind the “Seven Seconds or Less” scheme.

Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire were the premier players in a system that seemed perfectly catered to the two. Highlight plays and “did he really just do that?” moments were commonplace.

However, today’s product looks nothing like the beloved Suns of yesteryear.

The 2011-12 edition of the once-mighty franchise is nothing more than a mere reminder of what once was.

Nash is the only remaining player from the “Seven Seconds or Less” era, but even a player as amazing as him can’t fix what’s wrong with the Suns.

Marcin Gortat is a ray of hope for the franchise, but his head-scratching moves have alienated an apathy-prone fan base.

What happened, Suns? We were ready to give you our whole hearts. Instead, we were given the ghost of Vince Carter and two free Jack in the Box tacos when the team scores more than 99 points.

Five years ago, the Suns had a chance at winning a championship. Now, the only thing the Suns have a chance at winning is the lottery.


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