Internet wrap-up: comedy edition

As your resident all-things-Internet columnist, I’m here to update you on what you may have missed while doing normal things like studying or having a social life. Lucky for you, I like the Internet more than I like most people.

Chances are you’ve heard of Louis C.K. He writes and directs “Louie,” a semi-autobiographical show on FX, and regularly releases comedy specials. He’s been doing stand-up comedy for about 20 years and has recently increased in popularity. His latest special, “Live at the Beacon Theater,” was completely self-financed - a unique move for comedians.  He also posted the special on his website for streaming and download. If you’ve ever bought a copy of a comedy show, you’ll know that they typically cost a lot of money. Paying $40 for an hour of laughs is a pretty expensive hobby. C.K., however, offered the special for only $5.

You may be surprised to learn that C.K. earned over $1 million in just 12 days from his special. Since it's release on Dec. 9, the performance continues to make money. The cherry on top of this hilarious cake is that C.K. only kept $220,000 for himself. The comedian not only gave holiday bonuses to his staff, but donated $280,000 to five charities: The Fistula Foundation, The Pablove Foundation, Charity Water, Kiva and Green Chimneys. How awesome is that?  I guess charity can be a laughing matter after all.

In other funny news, the latest Internet trend in poking fun at stereotypes will lead you to the “Sh*t Girls Say” series. These videos feature a single individual delivering quick one-liners while they’re acting as someone else. The original “Sh*t Girls Say” features a clean-shaven guy wearing a wig and women’s clothes. As he does his makeup, he asks questions like, “Can you hand me my purse? Can you do me a huge favor? Are you good with computers? Do you remember what my password is?”

To be completely honest, I’ve probably said every line from “Sh*t Girls Say” at one point or another. I’ll admit, I’ve forgotten whether or not I locked my front door only to stop in the middle of the street and say, “Yes, I did.” One minute, it’s too hot on the couch, and the next I’m curling up with a blanket as if it were the dead of winter. Girls really do say this … stuff.

Imitators and Twitter accounts have followed subsequently and the laughs keep rolling. There’s a “Sh*t ___ Say” for everybody: vegans, skiers, yogis and monks. There’s even a “Sh*t Nobody Says”, which is the best of all. When was the last time you found yourself saying, “I completely understand my taxes!” or “I just have too much money?” or, “Can I borrow your Nickelback CD?” The series helps you realize how ridiculous some stereotypes are. (Or, in the case of modern girls, how absolutely true they can be).

I'll be back every Friday to cover Internet oddities that make me laugh, cringe or scratch my head. If you want to play along, follow me on Twitter @soupsnake.


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