5 Dont's for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Ah, the sweet time of year marked by chocolates, romantic gestures and celebrations of love has come around again for ASU students and lovers all over the Valley. With only one day left, smitten couples are quickly tying the loose ends on their Valentine’s Day plans, frantically searching for the perfectly thoughtful gift and laying out their tenderness-filled itineraries, typically marked by the sweet yet semi-cliché sure-to-impress romantic dinner, dozen roses or the elusive promise ring.

However, as sales at Tiffany’s soar and rose bushes die, you have those across campus who will be drowning away their loneliness in the latest flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream — hopefully not “Schewdy Balls” — or overanalyzing themselves, looking longingly into moonlight and asking themselves why they are single, or worse, losing sight of hope and youth and signing up for online dating.

Dear ASU students, female and male alike: stop.

Valentine’s Day is not meant to be alternatively known as International Single Awareness Day (real thing): it’s meant to celebrate love. If you don’t have a significant other, don’t worry. You will one day. You’ll also appreciate future Valentine’s Days far more after you fully soak up of the freedom of getting to know yourself before you commit. It’s a beautiful thing and there is no better time than now to figure out yourself, your dreams and the life you want to live.

Another reason to not take Valentine’s Day so seriously: love is something that should be celebrated every day, not just once a year. Find your own way of doing it rather than wallowing in concerning self-pity. There are things and people to fall in love with every day; do it, and celebrate it.

Here are a few ways to celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day in the Valley, or, in other words, to appreciate your days of independence.

Don’t see “The Vow”

Sorry to ruin your plans (and mine), but just don’t do it this week. Though Channing Tatum is reason enough to do anything, you probably won’t feel too great sitting in a crowd of couples sobbing while desperately handing each other tissues. Could get weird.

Don’t fret. There are two things in this world equal to — if not better than — Channing Tatum, and those two talented, wonderful things are indeed Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Go see “Safe House.” Not only will you walk away not drenched in tears, but you’ll probably feel way cooler than if you just spent the past two hours alone with only the company of next semester’s tuition in snack form.

Don’t consume your body weight in sweets/become one with the couch

Self-pity and ice cream may taste good together, but the following morning when you discover you’ll be having a “fat day”… not as sweet. Ben and Jerry are, at times, enemies. If you haven’t already, realize that bingeing on sweets doesn’t make anything better.

Go climb a mountain. It may seem like a small thing, but appreciate being at one with your thoughts and the fact you can do things solo.

Take a jog to A Mountain, or explore other trails in Tempe and Phoenix followed by a sweet yoga session at the summit. A couple great trails include Papago Park and Camelback Mountain. Not only will you feel great afterwards, you’ll feel healthy and ready to do it all over again the next day.

Don’t eat or drink alone

What’s better than the overcooked pasta at the Italian restaurant your boyfriend didn’t know how to pick out? Doing that awkward pulling out of the wallet pretending you have the intention to be polite and pay?

Making your own meal and sharing it with people you love.

Make the night memorable by inviting some friends over to share your night and meal with. Don’t be afraid to make it a toned-down, cute and romantic evening. Eat outside, throw a blanket on the sprouting spring grass and light some candles. Get corny and nostalgic. Whip out the fancy glasses, pour wine, put on good music and drink to being young and surrounded by friends.

Don’t call or text an ex

From experience, you shouldn’t ever do this — you don’t really mean the stuff you’re texting or saying over the phone. You may miss them during certain moments, but this is the heart’s way of saying, “I’m bored.” Old emotions are brought to the surface only because they have yet to be replaced with something better, which, trust me, they will be.

In some ways, it’s like bingeing on sweets to feel better. Desperately texting and holding on to relationships that didn’t make you happy is cellulite to your heart. Work it out this Valentine’s Day by allowing yourself to, frankly, grow up. Be better than yourself and be excited about it.

Don’t spitefully avoid pink and red

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is having an excuse to dress up completely and obnoxiously girly. You don’t need new jewelry or anything shiny to feel bright. Pick the brightest color from your closet and pair it with your favorite accessories.

Wake up an hour early in the morning to pamper yourself. Enjoy the morning. Walk out the door feeling confident.

If no one is putting love in your day, be sure to do it for yourself, Sun Devils.


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