Devil Dish: Feb. 28

The Slam Dunk Contest used to be one of the most electrifying and entertaining events of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Key phrase: used to be.

After Vince Carter’s gravity-defying performance in 2000, the contest simply hasn’t been the same. The inventiveness of Carter’s dunks has yet to be rivaled. The way the then-Toronto Raptor abused the rim is nearly impossible to replicate, let alone surpass.

In short, the dunk contest is dead, and Vince Carter killed it.

The contest was destined to fail. There’s only a certain amount of dunks that can be performed before players begin to run out of original ideas.

Sure, Dwight Howard can dress like Superman and we’ll all love it. Blake Griffin can dunk over the hood of a Kia Optima and we’ll all “ooh” and “aah.”

However, this year’s competition proved the dunk contest will never return to its former glory.

This year’s crop of contestants didn’t help, either. I’m not knocking Paul George, Chase Budinger, Derrick Williams or eventual-winner Jeremy Evans, but fans want to watch superstars, not lesser-known players or rookies.

I’m not saying the NBA should discontinue the dunk contest. There’s always the slim chance someone will become the next Vince Carter. However, and it’s an unfortunate truth, it’s not likely.


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