Pink Floyd re-releases iconic album ‘The Wall’

Rolling Stone named Pink Floyd’s rock opera album “The Wall” No. 87 in its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. To even be mentioned on such an esteemed list is an honor — to make it into the top 100 is groundbreaking.

To celebrate the album, Pink Floyd has re-released an expanded version of the “The Wall” in various editions on Feb. 28: Discovery, Experience, Immersion, Best Of and Vinyl.

Pink Floyd’s 1979 album “The Wall” was more than innovative. It now serves as a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history and still inspires and mystifies listeners and musicians alike. Floyd perfected the idea of the concept album with “The Wall” telling a story with more ingenious metaphors and melodies than any other album of its time.

The band introduces Pink again, a rockstar and a semi-autobiographical character inspired by the band’s bassist and songwriter, Roger Waters. Pink suffers from the psychological repercussions of recurring abandonment when he loses his father in World War II, and eventually loses his wife. The wall itself symbolizes Pink’s voluntary separation from all human contact. The album has a triumphant ending when Pink puts himself on an internal trial where his subconscious orders him to “tear down the wall.”

A poignant and complex story supported by brilliant guitar riffs creates a work of art unlike any other. “The Wall” is a record that has been and will be emulated and cherished for years to come.

The Discovery box set includes a 60-page booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson. All 14 studio albums are included in the box set with remastered versions of each album.

The Experience edition of “The Wall” is an expanded version of the remastered album that includes unreleased material and a CD booklet.

The remastered version of the album is also available on vinyl, a record Floyd-enthusiasts will find to be an asset to their collection.

So far the band has re-released their albums “The Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wish You Were Here” in an Immersion set, and they are prepared to do the same for “The Wall.” The Immersion box set is full of Pink Floyd memorabilia, exclusive in-progress recordings, a DVD of the Pink Floyd documentary, “Behind the Wall,” prints, assorted unreleased material, and many different Pink Floyd collectables.

Rock ‘n’ roll lovers and Floyd fanatics can both appreciate the masterly album. A real work of art, the record deserves to be revamped in the same way the Mona Lisa needs a nice touch-up every once in a while.


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