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Local bands face some pretty mighty challenges: booking studio time, making it to gig, etc. But Scottsdale-based band The Morning Amour (or as I insist on calling them, The Young Hearts), bring out a distinct energy with them full of heart and humor.

The band started out with drummer Connor Montgomery (younger brother of Josh Montgomery, who is a member of The Summer Set) and vocalist Erdis Tafilica. Tafilica later introduced Connor to guitarist Phillip Bilardi. Soon they integrated Ryan Green, guitarist.

By summer of 2011, The Young Hearts had formed. They added their newest member, Jesse Bass, bassist, who impressed the other members by naturally integrating bass into their melodies.

“It’s been a good journey,” Montgomery says about the band’s formation.

For the upcoming summer, The Morning Amour is making plans to give the west coast a taste of their sound — they hope to be able to join California bands and tour with them. They're also planning on going into a studio to record a new EP under their new name.

Montgomery says that they will be going into a studio with their friend, who is a producer, engineer and “great friend” of the band, as Erdis called him: Connor Hurley. Although a studio has not been chosen, Hurley will most likely be helping the band produce their new EP.

“It’s more rock,” Bilardi says of the upcoming disc. “Our first one was kind of over-polished and more poppy. This one is going to be less generic and ra-ra [rock].”

“We want to take the reins on it,” Tafilica says. “The first time we went into the studio, we just sat there, and people told us what to do.”

The Morning Amour is made up of different individuals and, as Tafilica points out, they all listen to various artists.

“I love Bruce Springsteen, but lately I’ve only been listening to more pop,” Tafilica says while the other band members chuckle. “Don’t expect, like, a hip-hop album. Once we all come together, we all start jamming out and just make rock ‘n’ roll.”

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