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An attractive blonde ex-volleyball player hooks up with a 51-year-old football coach — now that’s a storyline I can get on board with.

But, probably not for the same reasons most people are following the Arkansas headlines.

I don’t care that Bobby Petrino lied about cheating on his wife with a 25-year-old school employee. Anyone slimy enough to do that obviously isn’t going to come clean about it.

I also don’t care that he ended up getting fired for his transgressions. Any administration that would keep a man like Petrino after what he did is more dishonorable than the person who actually committed the fraudulent acts.

Instead, I am left following along with the news in hopes of one new twist revealing itself. I want to see an interview with Jessica Dorrell, the young female who had the affair with coach Petrino.

I need to know something. Why would any woman in her mid-20s want to sleep with Petrino? I know people have certain fetishes, but come on. Petrino has the sex appeal of a sun-ridden prune.

I’m not sure what the $20,000 Petrino gave to Dorrell was for, but even if it was for — well, you know — that is not nearly enough.

Dorrell either needs mental therapy or a medal of honor for what she went through. I’m just not sure which is more applicable.


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