Internet roundup: memorable memes to augmented reality

It’s crunch time, everybody. If you’ve had your nose in a textbook all week, you missed some funny memes and cool innovations that have been circulating the Internet.

First off is Ridiculously Photogenic Guy: This meme is much like the others you’ve seen on Facebook or Underneath bold white text, it’s got a background image of a dashing young man in the middle of running a marathon. He’s grinning and appears to have not even broken a sweat.  RPG, for short, looks like a model in the middle of a photo shoot, but has been identified as just a regular guy who apparently looks great on camera. The jokes in the meme are obviously centered on his visage, with Internet comedians claiming they wouldn’t mind if he photobombed one of their pictures, or that the whole town follows him when he decides to go for a jog. It’s nice to see both meme-lovers and haters poking fun at the pretty people for once, even if these jokes are just underhanded compliments.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bad Luck Brian exemplifies everyone’s awkward middle school or junior high years, a time that produced many cringe-worthy  yearbook photos. The subject of the photo still hasn’t been identified (maybe out of shame), but poor Brian’s sweater vest, braces and awkward smile aren’t particularly desirable. I mean, if I were him, I wouldn’t want to be associated with the mistakes poor Brian seems to have made. The meme characterizes Brian as the awkward kid that trips over his own shoelace or who accidentally enrolls in an all-girls school and still gets beat up his first day. Most of the punch lines are centered around poop, but luckily, most everyone on Reddit or Facebook still thinks fart jokes are funny. My favorite one, complete with a Charlie Brown reference: Brian goes trick or treating and gets a rock.

Finally, file this one under “Shut Up and Take My Money!”: Google released a concept video called “Project Glass,” which shows the trajectory and future of technology in an accessible package. In the video, we see the world from the eyes of a young New Yorker with a busy schedule. Rather than checking his phone for alerts, however, the alerts and images are displayed on the inside of tiny classes he wears. These “augmented reality glasses” put your computer, a GPS, a phone, a camera, and planner right before your eyes, and are susceptible to voice commands as well. If you get a chance, look up Project Glass. It’s just a concept for now, and nowhere near production, but it’s worth reading up on. Also, if you’re one of the few lonely people on Google+, follow the Project Glass circle and suggest features you’d like to see the creators incorporate.


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