Tech Devil: ASU Startups Deserve Credit

Being a tech blog by an ASU student that's read by ASU students, it would make sense to write about technology and ASU. If anything, startups are the hottest thing in the tech world right now. It seems there are five new ones every day. What's even cooler is that some of those startups are born from the minds of ASU students.

With the help of faculty and staff, students who are a part of the Entreprenurs@ASU program and the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative gain critical support for bringing ideas to life. Some of the startups are lucky enough to get the necessary funding to make their idea happen.

Not all of the startups are technology related, either. Some are focused on solving issues in communities in Arizona or other parts of the world. They could be working to eradicate health problems in developing countries or starting a business that will help people here in the Valley.

One of the startups is called FlashFood. The idea behind it is to: "connect food service vendors, community organizations and the hungry in real time to deliver perishable food that would otherwise be destined for the trash" using a web service and mobile phone app.

Another, Yazamo, was founded by two business students with the intent of providing, among others, web design, web development, and social media integration services for businesses in Phoenix and around the country.

One of the biggest stories of this past year was the naming of two ASU startups as Inc. Magazine's top two "Coolest American College Startups of the Year". Arizona Pro DJs and G3Box took first and second place respectively. Arizona Pro DJs "provides high quality and innovative event entertainment solutions and is currently experiencing rapid expansion" while G3Box is focused on "turning shipping containers into portable maternity clinics," reports PRWeb. It's not everyday ASU can claim the top two spots on a list of coolest college startups.

Check out each of these startups as well as the two programs I listed above. It would be a great way to support fellow students and ASU grads. Some of them could use some volunteer help. My roommate from last year took interest in entrepreneurship and non-profit organizations and began his own non-profit, which he is currently running in Tanzania, Africa.

Having seen the passion first hand, it's inspiring just to be around people who want to take an idea to the next level and succeed.

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