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Letter: Islam’s battle for rights

In response to Meredith Walker’s Sept. 26 letter to the editor, “Islam: a not so peaceful religion.”


Criticism will always be feared if it’s about religion, regardless if it’s about Islam or not. If any religion was mocked the way Islam is today, there would have been brutal actions. Islam is a religion that indeed promotes the idea of peace, but keep in mind at times that when any religion is threatened, there has been violence. What does society expect? The whole Muslim population to sit down and watch themselves get mocked, discriminated and murdered?

The videos mocking Islam has caused retaliation because for the past 11 years it has felt threatened. I am not justifying the violent actions that were caused after the release of the videos, but the creators of those videos knew they were going to cause problems.

What people fail to realize is that there are good followers and bad followers in every religion and that the actions of a few people should not dictate an overall opinion toward a certain group.

Since 9/11 the media has shined a spotlight toward Muslims, making them seem arrogant, reckless and violent. The media craves any incident involving Muslims because of the controversial effect it has Islam is viewed as a religion of violence because a few corrupted followers decided to act on their own to cause a tragedy on 9/11. An act of a few people has caused the whole Muslim population to suffer.

For Islam followers today, 9/11 has never ended because they’re still being attacked. It isn’t rocket science to know that there is obvious discrimination toward Muslim followers, regardless if they are American or not.

With the arrogance of many anti-Islam followers and the misinformed viewers of the media, Islam will always be seen as a violent religion when in reality it’s fighting for its rights.


Narghis Sarwari


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