Foreign artists deserving of international attention

Scottish rockers Twin Atlantic stormed the U.S. this summer on the Warped Tour and continue to garner national attention. (Photo courtesy of Red Bull Records)

Between dubstep drops and the screeches of robot-like voices in most of today’s songs, it can be rather challenging to discover excellent music. Still, the use of technology in music can bring an abundance of positive aspects, such as acquiring access to albums from other countries.


UVERworld — “Colors of the Heart” and “Rush.” Fans of modern rock will immensely enjoy UVERworld, a wildly popular rock band in Japan. The quintet consists of singer Takuya, guitarists Katsuya and Akira, bassist Nobuto and drummer Shintar?. The Japanese rockers plan on releasing their latest album, “[THE ONE],” on Nov. 28.

Versatility fuels UVERworld’s success. While some bands fumble when implementing characteristics from other genres into their music, UVERworld handles the changes with grace. Song styles range from flat-out angry rock to a gentle version of rock-infused pop.

Beast — “Breath” and “Bad Girl.” Korean pop, or K-pop, is a genre that is quickly gaining popularity around the globe. PSY contributed largely to the trend. The 34-year-old musician is notorious for his song, “Gangnam Style,” which has become a viral sensation on YouTube for its outrageous antics.

Even though PSY may be ruling American airwaves, the real attention should be placed on Beast, another successful K-pop group. Yang Yo Seob, Yong Jun Hyung, AJ, Jang Hyunseung, Doug Woon and Doo Joon make up the boy band. It would be insulting to consider Beast a replica of One Direction, the South Korean musicians incorporate slick dance moves and soulful vocals into their craft.

Twin Atlantic — “Free” and “Make a Beast of Myself.” It is difficult to resist a talented alternative rock band with subtle and charming Scottish accents in its vocals. Twin Atlantic is comprosed of singer and guitarist Sam McTrusty, bassist and pianist Ross McNae, guitarist and cellist Barry McKenna and drummer Craig Kneale.

The rockers from Glasgow, Scotland, have already made their presence known in America. The group was featured on the Warped Tour lineup over the summer. Even Skrillex has noted that he also caught onto the Scottish band. Fans received the remix of “What is Light? Where is Laughter?” with mixed emotions. However, fans can make a definite decision that Twin Atlantic provides pleasant music.

Marianas Trench — “Fallout” and “Haven’t Had Enough.” Marianas Trench’s mixture of soulful lyrics and impressive vocal range could translate to massive success in the near future. The pop-punk band hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. The gifted men behind Marianas Trench are singer and pianist Josh Ramsay, drummer Ian Casselman, bass guitarist Mike Ayley and guitarist Matt Webb.

The attraction to the Canadian pop-punk musicians is attributed to the emotions attached to their music. The guitar riffs also add to the appeal of the band’s songs. Even those who would not typically listen to pop-punk will find themselves dancing.


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