The end of the world as we know it

With everything going on these past few months, even I have admittedly lost sight of the more pressing matter at hand: the end of the world.

In less than two weeks, the Mayan calendar will come to its end. The world as we know it may very well cease to exist. The joys and comforts we embrace could become far distant memories. The pain and misery we think we endure day-in and day-out could be a mere fraction of what may be in store.

The realization that I might not be ready for the world to end came as my brother and I were plotting our drive home to Texas to see our family for the holidays. We realized that as the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 21, 2012 in Guatemala, once home to the mighty Maya, we will be somewhere in the vast wasteland that is New Mexico.

Given that no one really knows what will happen on that day, knowing how to plan for it becomes a problem as well. Many will buy guns and ammunition, water and nonperishable food and even duct tape.

In all honesty, one cannot plan for the inevitable end we all face. Even with a 2002 Toyota Corolla packed with camping gear, basic tools, a map, 20 extra gallons of gasoline and the two dogs my brother and I are taking, meeting the end as best as possible is all one can do.

So, in-between now and then, I fully intend on making the most of the remaining time.

My freezer is stocked with ice cream. Every other meal is planned at various restaurants across the Phoenix metropolitan area, and my credit card is hungry. If this is the end, I’m running up my tab.

It’s been awhile since last I got dolled up and painted the town red, but as it would appear, that is exactly what I’ll be doing, until the rumored raining of fire and brimstone.

What I won’t do is give into hysteria. Succumbing to panic will amount to nothing. Rioting in the streets is not an option. Going out in style requires more class than that.

We should make the most of the time we are given, and if at all possible, spend as much time as possible with those we hold most dear. Stressing at a time like this is futile.

As usual, many of us will have to account for those who take things to the extreme. What’s a few more days when we’ve been doing the same for so long? There’s no real way to plan for “crazy,” but you are the company you keep. There is still plenty of time to find healthy ways to spend time with people.

Should this all be a hoax, a bloated fallacy based on notches in rocks, then at least I still had fun. Besides, there’s a loaming fiscal cliff to plan for, too.


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