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Adventure Time: College Edition

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Image courtesy of Adventure Time Wiki Adventure Time: More than just Finn, Jake and high-paw-five.
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On the surface, Adventure Time is just a show about a boy and his dog. However, dedicated fans know that it’s so much more than that. Finn and Jake live in a world that’s still reeling from the effects of a nuclear war, and their silliness often masks the fact that they’re dealing with pretty serious stuff. Like college students, the characters in Adventure Time are still trying to figure themselves out (and have some fun) in a world that they’re not entirely prepared for. While you may not meet Jake at the next frat party you go to, Adventure Time doppelgangers are all over campus. Here are seven of my favorite characters, and their college counterparts.

Image courtesy A guarantee show up at your next party.
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Ice King: Ice King is that guy who graduated two years ago and still shows up to all of the frat parties. He’s over there in the corner, desperately holding on to his can of beer, scanning the crowd for a girl to latch on to. He’s forced a stranger to play beer pong with him, and now he’s cheering way too loud for himself when he makes a shot. Anything to get the attention of the ladies, all of whom just want to get as far away from him as possible. Did he just try to smell your hair? Part of you actually feels bad for this guy.

Finn: Finn is your totally awesome roommate! Want to go explore the campus? He’s down. Looking for something to do tonight? He has about 1,000 ideas! When he’s not pining over the girl back home who he never got a chance with, he’s all about going on mathematical adventures with you. Going to the dining hall? What a coincidence, so was he! You two will do everything together for the first three weeks of school, until you get a little weirded out by the amount of free time that this dude has to hang out with you.

Three words: Oh. My. Glob. Image courtesy Three words: Oh. My. Glob.
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Lumpy Space Princess: Lumpy Space Princess is a sorority girl, duh. She always floats into class 15 minutes late, carrying a Venti Starbucks cup. Between classes she’s yelling into her cell phone, telling her girl Turtle Princess about the latest development in her relationship with the enigmatic Brad. You don’t like her? Whatever. Lumpy Space Princess does not care. She’s totally busy fending off all of the guys who want her lumps, and you’re jealous. Oh my glob, Brad is throwing a party this weekend and she isn’t invited? Now you’d better get out of her way.

Marceline: Now that she’s in college, Marceline is the angsty barista you met in that hipster coffee shop off campus. She doesn’t care what her dad says, she’s getting that tattoo she’s always wanted. Now is her chance to finally break free from her dad’s expectations, and forget about her future as the Queen of the Nightosphere. Her rage-fueled songs about her exes are nothing compared to the ballads she writes about her dad and his penchant for other people’s fries. Want things to really get awkward? Just draw a happy face, throw some milk on it, chant in Latin and presto! Now her dad’s here, and the party is about 10 times more awkward — and deadly — than it was before.

 Image courtesy Homework princess.
Image courtesy

Princess Bubblegum: Princess Bubblegum is your annoyingly perfect lab partner. Every morning, at 7 o’clock, she’ll be there waiting for you. All of her clothes will match, and all of her homework will be on pastel notebook paper. Hungry? Oh, don’t worry. She made cupcakes for the whole class last night after finishing her lab report. Did you do those last five problems? Well, you did them all wrong. Let Bubblegum fix them for you. Now hold that beaker, and try not to mess anything up. You would try to switch partners, but you haven’t gotten an A in a science class since 6th grade.

Lady Rainicorn: Lady Rainicorn is the charming foreign exchange student you can never understand.  You think she understands you, but every time you talk to her she just smiles and nods. Once you heard her speak a sentence of perfect English to the guy who sits behind her in math class, but never again. She’s so sweet that you don’t really care whether she understands a word of what you’re saying. In fact, everyone on campus seems to know Lady. If she weren’t so adorable, you’d suspect the whole thing was an act.

Screenshot contribute by Harmony Huskinson Peppermint Butler: the obscure guy down the hall.
Screenshot contributed by Harmony Huskinson

Peppermint Butler: Peppermint Butler is that creepy guy who lives down the hall from you. Sure, he seems harmless, but what does he do in there all day? The other week, he offered to fix the squeaky hinges on your door. Should you take him up on it, or is the thought of him alone in your room with you too much to handle? On the surface everything seems fine, but you’re sure that there’s something wrong with this guy. It’s probably nothing, but on the off chance that he’s part of some kind of Satanic cult you steer clear.



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