NetFlix, "House of Cards" full first-season debuts Friday

On Friday, Netflix will begin streaming the full first season of “House of Cards,” a new political drama television series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

Based on the 1990 BBC mini-series, “House of Cards” will be Netflix’s second attempt in presenting its customers with original programming since the release of “Lilyhammer” last year.

With the highly anticipated release of the fourth season for “Arrested Development” slated for May, Netflix looks poised to continue expanding its role in providing entertainment to its customers through its online streaming site. Two other series are expected, “Orange is the New Black” and “Hemlock Grove.”

The first two episodes of “House of Cards” are directed by David Fincher (“The Social Network”) and follow Congressman Francis Underwood (Spacey) and his wife Claire (Wright) as they navigate the always chaotic waters of Washington politics.

Undoubtedly, personal and political allies will be made, while many others will assuredly be broken — or worse.

However, with the complete season made available online, it won’t take long for audiences to see if this “House of Cards” has what it takes to stand on its own or come tumbling down.


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