Sparky's Quill: Members Only

To the east of beautiful Old Main sits an attractive building almost as old as Old Main itself. Built in 1908, the current University Club building is open only to exclusive members and their guests. If you want to waltz your way into a delicious meal or some afternoon tea, you must be current or retired faculty, staff, alumni, a member of the community, or a corporate member. Sorry students, you cannot get in without an invitation. You must wait until after you graduated before you can apply to become a member.

The front of the University Club. Photo courtesy Google Earth The front of the University Club. Photo courtesy Google Earth

The University Club offers dining, meeting space, lounge space, and a nice break from the rest of campus for members. A little bird whispered in my ear that the food is fantastic and the tea is delightful.

The University Club building was originally the Science Hall during the Tempe Normal School days and would be known as the Fine Arts Annex from 1949 until it became the University Club in 1990. The building can be found on the National Register and the Arizona Register of Historic Places. It has gone through several renovations and today you can find it fully restored with a beautiful grand staircase.

So the next time you find yourself in need of some small talk, you can brag about how awesome the University Club building that not many students are even aware of is instead of discussing the always-sunny state of Arizona weather.


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