The Campus Closet: How To Spice Up A Spring Wardrobe — Guys Edition

Spring is in the air and boys I didn’t forget about you and your killer fashion sense.

Warmer months seem limited to shorts and t-shirts for mens clothing, but there are many simple touches you can add to your wardrobe to set yourself apart and be unique.

I have put together three different ways to spice up your spring wardrobe. Remember, many ladies love a well-dressed guy, so take notes!

Yes guys can rock floral patterns too, and they’re super in this season! Photo courtesy of Yes guys can rock floral patterns too, and they’re super in this season! Photo courtesy of

1. Patterns from floral to camo

Patterns were all over the runway at mens spring fashion week in Milan. Some men wore patterns from head to toe, which may be a little too daring, but why not steal a little inspiration from this boldness? Whether you like florals (yes guys can rock floral patterns) tribal, camo, or patterns that look more like a painting than design, wear it! You can incorporate patterns into your outfit with ties, hats, scarfs, backpacks and the list goes on. So be creative and let patterns spice up your plain T-shirt.

2. Hats of all shapes and sizes

I know how much guys love their hats, so why not mix it up a bit with them? This season panel hats are a super big hit along with beanies.

If you feel like making a statement, a patterned hat is a good way to do so. Or you can stick with a classy color or two.

Floral pattern panel hats courtesy of Floral pattern panel hats courtesy of

This season isn’t limited to panel hats and beanies, and the more unique the better in my opinion, so go find yourself a hat or two to rock in the spring.

3. Accessorize from watches to ties

Find a staple accessory for yourself. Whether a nice watch, necklace, bowtie or sunglasses, find something that will become your every-day accessory that you just throw on and don’t have to think about. Remember ­— ties are still acceptable this time of year with a nice button-down.

Have fun spicing up your wardrobe!


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