Devil Dish: Lakeshow continues to struggle

The Los Angeles Lakers making it to the playoffs was nothing short of a miracle this season.

The historic franchise dealt with a number of injuries throughout the season, with changing pieces and a new coach to top it off.

These are by no means excuses. Any team featuring the All-Star lineup the Lakers had, regardless of injuries, should be able to make it to the playoffs with ease.

However, if Sunday’s performance against the San Antonio Spurs was any indication of how this team will do without Kobe Bryant, no one should expect the series to go beyond four games.

After Bryant’s injury, it seemed like the team was motivated and inspired going into the playoffs. They played with a spark that hadn’t been seen all year long.

Then Game 1 happened.

I know it’s only the first game and that it was in San Antonio, but the Lakers really need to come together defensively. That’s how they defeated the Spurs two weeks ago, and it’s the only way they’ll come out of this series on top.

Bryant's in-game tweets may not have exactly helped the team, but the lesson that should be learned here is to not just settle for a playoff appearance.

Kobe certainly wouldn't have.

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