Inevitable truths: I'll never be an astronaut

I’m about the reach the ripe old age of 22, and at this point in my life, there are certain things I have to accept will never happen.

I like to think that I’ve accomplished a lot in my short time on this earth, as well as passed the time with some wonderful people. I of course anticipate living a long and happy life, but there are some realizations I need to move past in order to grow as an individual as well as accept my new status as an independent adult.

The following thoughts have occurred to me throughout the last year, especially in light of my impending graduation.

I will never be an astronaut. This was never a huge childhood dream of mine, but it’s still amazing to watch anything that comes from our space program.

The allure of space exploration was just that; journeys within the galaxy were an unpredictable adventure that led to fruitful discoveries and changes in the American paradigm. I’ll eventually have to find my own avenue of exploration, and unfortunately, it will probably require me to keep my two feet on the ground. No thanks to you, gravity. Jerk.

The age of responsibility is here to stay. I will never be able to promise to take care of my new pet but not actually feed or walk it and just give the task to my parents. I must pay my credit card bills on time.

I must do what I promised my boss I would do last week. Everyone learns this lesson at a different age and time in their life, but it’s become apparent that my actions directly impact the consequences that come from them. When something goes wrong, I have to put on my big-girl pants to find a solution that I create.

Some of my friends already have children. Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it. Never mind.

You don’t get redos. This one perhaps makes me sadder than all of the others. As a “dweller” and a perfectionist, I have a hard time moving past things that go wrong. When things don’t go the way I envision, I dwell on these situations over and over again, so when I feel that discomfort or anger, I crave a free “redo” to fix everything. As great as that would be, I understand that this isn’t possible and that these uncomfortable situations are a part of life.

On the other side of the coin, I sadly don’t get do-overs for things that went well. College has been an incredible experience, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to do something so wonderful. As I transition out of the environment, though, I want to dig my feet in and set my shoulders, becoming immovable. I don’t want to leave, but I also don’t have a choice.

As excited as I am for the opportunities ahead of me, the end of this time is bittersweet.

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