Man passes out in dormitory stairwell

ASU Police reported the following incidents Friday:

A Tempe man was arrested April 13 on the 500 block of East University Drive on suspicion of underage drinking, according to a police report.

Officers found the man passed out in a stairwell at Palo Verde Main around 6 a.m., police reported.

Police attempted to wake him up because he was unresponsive, according to the report.

He woke up after the Tempe Fire Department arrived to help, police reported.

The man told the fire crew he consumed alcohol, and officers could smell alcohol on his breath when he spoke, according to the report.

Tempe Fire transported the man to Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital for further treatment, police reported.

While at the hospital, the man told police he drank three Bud Light beer cans and said he was about a six on a scale of one to 10, according to the report.

Police cited and released the man, police reported.

A Tempe man was arrested April 13 on the 300 block of East Orange Mall on suspicion of consuming alcohol in public, according to a police report.

Hayden Library employees contacted police because the man entered the building with an open Four Loko can, police reported.

Officers found the man sitting at one of the public computers with the Four Loko can next to his feet, according to the report.

The man had bloodshot, watery eyes, spoke with slurred speech and had alcohol on his breath, police reported.

He initially told police the can had an energy drink in it, but later said there was alcohol in it, according to the report.

While an officer spoke with library personnel, the other officer stayed near the man and watched him pick up the can to drink from it, police reported.

The officer asked the man what he was doing and he apologized, according to the report.

When the officer told the man he was going to be arrested, the man said he didn’t think it would happen so quickly and that he figured he would just get a warning, police reported.

The man was cited, then released and escorted out of the library, according to the report.

The library staff told police the man was not allowed to return for the rest of the day, police reported.

Reports compiled by Shawn Raymundo.

Reach the reporter at or follow him @ShawnFVRaymundo

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