Man pushes girlfriend during public argument

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Friday:

A 21-year-old Guadalupe man was arrested March 23 on the corner of South Priest Drive and West Baseline Road on suspicion of assault and marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession, according to a police report.

Witnesses told police that the man pushed his girlfriend multiple times while arguing over the custody of their child in a dirt lot, according to the report.

Police detained the man, searched him and found marijuana and a metal smoking pipe in his possession, police reported.

The man was transported to Tempe City Jail, where he was held to see a judge and then released, according to the report.

A 37-year-old Mesa woman was arrested March 23 on the 900 block of West Westchester Avenue on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to a police report.

An off-duty Mesa Police officer followed the woman in her vehicle, because she was driving poorly, police reported.

The officer notified Tempe Police and continued to follow the woman until Tempe officers located her, according to the report.

During questioning, the woman said she did not drink any alcohol or take drugs that night, police reported.

The woman blew into an ignition interlock device she had in her vehicle because of a prior DUI conviction to demonstrate that she hadn't had any alcohol, police reported.

The woman performed poorly during her field sobriety tests, and her pupils did not react to the light police shined in her eyes, according to the report.

A police drug recognition evaluator, who was called to the scene to detect any influence of narcotics in the woman’s system, told the officers she was under the influence of a narcotic analgesic, police reported.

The woman was transported to Tempe City Jail, according to the report.

Reports compiled by Shawn Raymundo

Reach the reporter at or follow him on Twitter @ShawnFVRaymundo

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