Man urinates on public bench, then sleeps on it

ASU Police reported the following incidents Thursday:

A 41-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on the 500 block Tyler Mall on suspicion of public nuisance, according to a police report.

A man called police to report that he saw another man lying on the ground, police reported. He then saw the the man urinate on a public bench and lie down to sleep on it, according to the report.

Police found a man who matched the description and noted that his fly was open and his genitalia exposed, police reported. He had a wet spot on the interior of his pants and a puddle at his feet, according to the report.

The man who called police said he did not want to charge the other man with indecent exposure, police reported.

The man was cited for public nuisance and released, according to the report.

Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning an unknown person or persons smashed an elevator call switch on the 7000 block of East Sonoran Mall, according to a police report.

The elevator call switch had been replaced with a new one earlier on Tuesday, and the damage was noticed on Wednesday morning, police reported.

The estimated damage is $150, according to the report.

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