The Campus Closet: DIY Dainty Ring

This semester I have been taking a jewelry making/metalworking art class at the Herberger Institute. Before the class I never really made jewelry other than friendship bracelets. The class has showed me how easy it to create simple pieces of jewelry from scratch; all you need are the right tools, a designer’s mind and time.

I have been super obsessed with dainty ring, rings that are tiny enough to fit above your knuckle. They are super easy to make, so if you have some spare time this DIY project is for you!

Materials needs:

Steps to making your DIY dainty ring. Photos and collage by Gabi Nelson Steps to making your DIY dainty ring. Photos and collage by Gabi Nelson

18 gauge Wire (Tip — If you choose gold or silver wire the ring will not turn your finger green)

Wire cutter

Tiny pliers

Something round that is the circumference of your finger (e.g. pen, lipstick, tube)

Step one:

Measure the wire around the top part of the finger where you want to wear the ring. Make sure there is about an inch-and-a-half of wire left over on each side. Don’t worry too much about shape here.

Step two:

Cut the measured wire with your wire cutter. Remember, it’s always better to cut too much than too little!

Step three:

Next twist each end of the wire with your tiny pliers. Try to create a shape that resembles the letter “S.”

Step four:

Now time to slip your ring onto the round object that resembles your finger. Shape the ring here by applying pressure with your thumbs, getting out of the kinks and making it a perfect circle.

Step five:

Twist the ends of your ring (that resemble the “S” shape) until they look like a swirl. Snip the ends off.

Tip — If the ends are sharp, take a nail file and file them down until they are smooth.

Step six:

Enjoy your new ring, or give to a friend for a great gift!


With any questions, comments, or suggestions email me at or find me on twitter @gabinelsonlove

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