The Campus Closet: DIY Headscarf

Headscarves are my favorite go-to accessory when I’m on the go and don’t have time to do my hair. They’re affordable, adorable and super easy to make, so what’s not to love?

With finals coming up I thought they would be a good DIY project for all of you to have under your belt; I know how busy this time of year gets! So enjoy, they also make a super great accessory for pool and beach days!


Square scarf

Hair tie/bobby pins

Step by step instructions for a DIY headscarf. Photos and collage by Gabi Nelson Step by step instructions for a DIY headscarf. Photos and collage by Gabi Nelson

Step 1: Find a large square scarf and lay it flat on a flat surface.

Step 2: Take one corner of the square and fold it to meet with the diagonal end. This should create the shape of a triangle.

Step 3: Next fold the pointy side of the triangle about halfway to the center.

Step 4: Fold over one more time, leaving a few inches of room so that the scarf remains a little thicker.

Step 5: If you have long hair make sure to put it in some sort of bun using bobby pins or hair ties. Next wrap the scarf around your head, leaving the two ends in the front.

Tip- Make sure the “wrong” side of the scarf (the part where you can see the fold) is against your head.

Step 6: Tie the two ends into a gentle knot making sure there is even length of scarf on both ends.

Step 7: Tie again, this time a tighter knot making sure the scarf stays in place.

Step 8: Tuck the remaining pieces of scarf underneath and behind the scarf hiding them.

Step 9: Enjoy your new head scarf!


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