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Beyond the Border: Less Miley, more Syria

I want to address the elephant in the room.

The fact is, America needs to set their priorities straight.

If you aren't aware last week caused America to go crazy because a child star started acting like a typical wild child on stage. I mean, I don't understand why America was so shocked by this. This is Miley Cyrus, she can't be tamed. She literally stated this in one of her songs and the title of the song was just that "I Can't be Tamed". What I don't understand is the fact that America is paying attention to Miley's "twerking" when people in Syria are losing their loved ones to a chemical weapons from an attack launched on Aug. 21. According to the Christian Post, Miley Cyrus's Google rating went from 67 to 100 in less than 24 hours, while Syria's went from four to three. That means that Miley Cyrus was searched over 100 times while Syria was searched 3 times at the most. What is this obsession with celebrities and this ignorance towards actual events that matter?

Miley Cyrus is just a little girl trying to find the spotlight through her obviously absurd action. She's releasing a new album people, of course she's going to do something completely crazy to get that album sold. Because of Miley Cyrus and her performance, media outlets have mentioned twerking way more than it should even be allowed to be said. Buzzfeed reported that last week, "the word 'twerk' or 'twerking' was used on E! 114 times, CNN 110 times, Fox News 66 times, MSNBC 35 times, CNBC eight times and ESPN one time."

Syria on the other hand is a case for concern.

Moral standards were crossed and the United States, United Kingdom and many allies are ready to attack. I mean we could literally have another World War and the majority of America would be shocked. Let's take a moment and step back and sort out our priorities. Stop trending twerking Miley Cyrus and PrayforBillyRayCyrus on twitter and start trending Syria, Chemical Attacks, World War, and PrayforSyria instead. People need to stay informed, but about the right things.

But I have hope because google trends have decreased their interests in twerking and increased their searches on Syria in last few days. Miley Cyrus will continue to keep twerking, but Syrian's cannot keep dying. We need to keep our attention on a country in need rather than a young adult trying to sell her album.

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