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Newlin's 3 a.m. Diary: An Ode to Avocado

An avocado BLT I ate last week from ChopShop in Tempe.
An avocado BLT I ate last week from ChopShop in Tempe.

Avocado is the best non-sweet fruit I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. My appreciation for it developed slowly, at first I didn't even care for it. But as I've gotten older and my taste has matured, I've become obsessed.

If you have never had a grilled cheese with avocado and tomato you are insane and need to make one, right now. It is the perfect blend of salty freshness, if that is possible. I ruin practically every dish I try to cook, but an ATC (avocado, tomato, cheese) is actually something I can handle.

The trick is to cut the avocado and tomato in to thin strips that way the sandwich isn't too bulky and won't fall apart when you go to flip it. I also prefer to use shredded cheese because it melts a lot better compared to slices.

The possibilities for avocado use are endless. Guacamole, with eggs, on a bagel with cream cheese, in a salad, on a slice of toast with some salt... you get the idea.

IMG_0218.jpg An avocado BLT I ate last week from ChopShop in Tempe."

Alas, I'm afraid I may have too much of it and move on to something else. This obsession has been going on for almost a year and I notice my hankerings for the fruit are less frequent. It has happened before. When I was 16 I was utterly obsessed with scones. I ate them every morning for breakfast for five months and then one day I abruptly stopped. Too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.

But for now avocado continues to find a way into many of my meals. I guess there are worse foods I could be obsessed with.

If you have any other avocado recipes, reach me at or Tweet me @Newlin777.

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