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Five last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for the busy and broke

For those lucky enough to not have class or work on Fridays, Thursdays nights are the start to the weekend. No doubt these people have been planning their Halloween festivities since the start of October, because for them, Thursday is the new Friday, and the day on which Halloween conveniently lands this year. But for others, Thursdays are still a mere week day, and the thought of going out is exhausting.

A costume is maybe the last thing on which you are prepared to splurge if you happen to have some extra money, but that's unlikely. There are just much more important things, and it's impractical to spend 50 dollars on a costume that will be worn once and tossed in the back of the closet and forgotten. But whether you're too busy for Halloween, too broke, or too cool, you know that something will come up Thursday night. The allure of All Hallow's Eve will be too strong to deny, and you'll need a costume.

Don't panic — last-minute costumes are easy and can usually be made out of things you already have.

1.) A Tree

Wear all brown, gather some fallen leaves or branches and attach them to your shirt using fabric glue, stitches, or even staples. It's OK to be lazy with this one;
trees lose their leaves in the fall, so it's the perfect time of year for a tree to have little to none. A winter tree will take approximately five minutes to put together.

2.) Team Zissou

Wear a blue button-up and blue pants and create a "Z" on your left chest using masking tape, then throw on a red beanie. Don't worry about the details of the uniforms. The outfit is recognizable, and if criticized you can always pull a, "Dude, I wasn't even gonna go out. I made this, like, 30 minutes ago." Also, at some point in the night you will undoubtedly say or hear, "Hold on. You've seriously never seen 'The Life Aquatic?'"

3.) Greyscale

For this costume, wear anything you want as long as it's black, white or grey. You'll need to buy a good amount of grey make-up, which can be picked up easily and at an affordable price at Goodwill or any Halloween superstore. Those of you with with black hair are lucky with this one, otherwise you'll need a wig or some temporary dye. Long-sleeves and pants will minimize the areas that need makeup, and you ladies out there can wear gloves and tights to do the same. Remember to keep your mouth closed in pictures.

4.) Audrey Hepburn

This Audrey Hepburn-inspired look won't require the classic, black-dress, sunglasses and pearls Holly Golightly flaunts from "Breakfast at Tiffany's." That would take too much preparation. But, you can still be sleepy Holly Golightly before she gets dressed up and fancy. Borrow the largest white button-up you can find from your dad or a boy. Throw on a sleep mask (Holly's is light blue) and put your hair half-up. If you have a cat, bring it with you. Drink everything out of a wine glass.

Or, if you have a high-waisted midi or maxi skirt, a white button-up, and a handkerchief to tie around your collar, you can be Audrey as casual Princess Ann in "Roman Holiday."

5.) A Jellyfish

All you need for this quick costume solution is an umbrella and ribbon ... or streamers ... or even toilet paper. Attach the "tentacles" to the bottom of the umbrella and walk around with it. You can try to coordinate the colors of the umbrella, tentacles and your outfit, but that sounds like a lot of work. You won't look any less like a jellyfish if you don't. Plus you still have the, "Dude, I made this, like, 30 minutes ago," excuse.

Happy Halloween-ing!

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