Justin Bieber's fall casts long shadow

As this generation has grown up, it has witnessed the rise and fall of our favorite celebrities.


Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and even Michael Jackson are all Hollywood sweethearts who got away with what they did because they were young and powerful.

Justin Bieber officially joined the list of child stars gone wrong. Now, I’m sure you are just as tired of hearing about him as I am, but Bieber is not to be ignored.

No matter where you turn, there’s a news alert, magazine, newspaper or blog that’s talking about his latest downfall. There’s one thing they all have in common: He gets off easily.

The nation, as reflected by the insatiable media coverage, clearly lacks the common sense and dignity to realize that this 19-year-old should not be doing what he’s doing just because he has millions of people watching him with awe. Bieber is constantly excused for what he has done because he’s “young” or has “too much pressure” on him. This creates this ideal, an ideal that he can do no wrong.

It’s totally fine to egg someone’s house or drag race on the streets, because he can have a “breakdown” from the constant pressure of being famous.

Let me make this clear: Being famous does not make you a role model, and it surely doesn’t put you above the law.

Getting a DUI isn’t about your blood alcohol level. It’s about being a terror on the streets and a nightmare on your rap sheet. The media and the American public must realize that their superstar is in some serious struggle, not just with the law but with his life as well.

With all the money and fame that comes with being a pop star, there are also things they have to accept. Bieber is a role model for all these young people struggling and idealizing those who the media say they should. He has to know that he's letting down so many by committing these crimes.

A regular 19-year-old would not be doing this. Think of it this way: If college students were to commit the same exact crimes or do anything to his degree, they would be arrested and they would make the Police Beat in the papers. But, instead, Justin is relaxing in Panama.

Justin Bieber gets away with what he does simply because he is famous and has a huge fan base that will support him, even if he were to commit murder. We as a country will let him get away with this, because he has the power to sway the media and turn out millions of fans.

This young man can commit the most intense crime and his fans will say “let him out, he's so young, he made a mistake” and, voila, he’s innocent. It’s sad to see a boy like him who has so much potential go down the path of a criminal because of the power he possesses.

As the nation watches with huge attention, Bieber can get away with whatever he wants to, be it peeing everywhere or getting a DUI. One thing is for sure: He doesn’t really care about what we think, and he’ll keep spiraling down until he hits rock bottom.

I’m sure he’ll be excused from that, too.

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