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Letter: Scrutiny of USG as a whole unwarranted

The State Press continues to write libelous, inaccurate reports of the Davis administration, while simultaneously failing to acknowledge why these two bills, senate bills 49 and 50, failed. The decision to vote these bills down was not one person’s decision but the decision of a highly capable elected body.

Senate Bill 49 failed because the selection process for elections commissioner inherently eliminates any bias, as the entire council of presidents selects him or her to serve. This means that no single person has the authority to choose the elections commissioner, and the senators supporting SB 49 simply did not understand the selection process. Reporting that Davis “doesn’t seem to see a problem with potential election disasters” is poor journalism and ignores the true facts.

Moving on to Senate Bill 50, the elected senators voted against this bill simply because the senate does not have the authority to suspend elections. Passage of SB 50 would have accomplished nothing, and the senators acknowledged this and voted it down. To report that Davis and USG are “extremely apathetic” ignores the true reasons as to why SB 49 and SB 50 failed, and does a great disservice to the students.  

  So why bring up these meaningless bills? Sens. Nic Parra and Jordan Hibbs are simply attempting to stir the pot. It is clear that these senators are using their positions to gain name recognition leading up to the USG elections this spring. Parra intends to run for president, and he is abusing his position to promote his own political agenda. These bills only serve as a means to get in the spotlight. Scrutiny should be on the self-interest of two individuals rather than the hard work of the body as a whole.

Erica Carr

Administrative Director USG Tempe

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