Don't let fear keep you from playing the game

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

People glamorize life. They look at the world through rose-colored lenses, and are torn apart when they have to face reality. Life is a game. We play and sometimes, we lose.

But many times, we win. Some get so bogged down in the shadow of their failure that the victory that comes after is bittersweet. One thing that all people should accept is the fact that failure is inevitable. Perfection is impossible. No human can succeed at everything.

But failure, or more accurately fear of failure, shouldn't stop you from trying something new. Courage isn't defined by the absence of fear, but by being afraid and doing it anyway. It might surprise you to know that our most rewarding experiences come from stepping out of our comfort zone.



Don't confuse logical and instinctual fear for hesitation. There is a big difference between being afraid because of common sense and being scared because you're afraid that you'll suck at something.

Ever seen "A Cinderella Story"? (Yes, I am an avid Hilary Duff fan and I don't care about your judgment.) The infamous line where Sam says, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." (If I was a normal person, I'd be ashamed of recalling that from memory, but I'm not.)

She spent her whole life under someone else's reign because she was afraid of the consequences. Things are a tad different for her, mainly because she was a teenager with fewer options, but when she stopped letting herself cower in a corner, things turned around.

Our lives are so short and it should be chock-full of moments where your heart beats faster, your blood rushes and you laugh until your body aches. There is nothing in this world better than those moments where you fail, you learn, and you succeed.

You won't get to experience the heady rush of accomplishment if you don't try something new, slightly scary and intimidating. Fear is an important aspect of life. Don't run from it. Confront it.

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