App Theory: Welcoming the Present

So what did I do this summer? Besides graduating high school, I mean.

It didn't really seem much to me, so my typical answer is nothing. But, I guess looking back at it, I did a lot of things. My summer opened up with a quirky physics class at South Mountain Community College. With the phrases that Professor Fender threw at us like "I do believe" and "momentum... whatever that means", who couldn't have fun in that class?

A summer day spent horseback riding at South Mountain A summer day spent horseback riding at South Mountain

Those were the easy days when my mind would wander from the little atoms that made up my pencil, to the large star that fueled our planet. As the Arizona summer settled, I began a blazing new path.

It wasn't far from the class that I rode on horseback through the valley of South Mountain to arrive at one of the best steakhouses I can name. My stomach was prepared to devour the meal it was presented, but my inner thighs would remember that day in infamy for the weeks to come.


Halfway through July, and only days away from my birthday, I went to Philadelphia and saw the sites. Independence Hall and the Philadelphia Museum of Art were the two most notable sight I saw. I hate to disappoint, but, no, I did not emulate Rocky Balboa and run up the sets. Like any good nerd I took my time walking up the steps so that I could admire the architecture of the grandiose building that is the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Returning I was convinced to apply for the State Press Magazine. Funny, actually, how a physics major ended up in journalism, but I am getting the opportunity to do as I please. I can't really complain.

This brings me to the present. What will I blog about for the State Press? I will review the apps in the iPhone App Store.


I was trying to find something to bring to the table that I had not seen much of in the State Press before, and it is something I love. To be able to get something, find how it works, and then share with everyone about the great or disappointing app; and, nothing seems more appropriate than to begin with my employer's app, the ASU app.

My name is Robert, and I'll be reviewing apps for you this semester.

Reach the writer at or on Twitter @Professor_Boby.

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