7 best places to cry on ASU's Tempe campus

First few weeks of the semester got you stressed? Same. We've scoured the Tempe campus for the best places to cry. We may not have actually cried at some of these places, but sob assured, existential crises were had. Here are our top seven places to cry on campus.

(Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat) (Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat)

Paseo Del Saber


Vista's got you down. It's a noisy and tanned place to live, but you've lost the drive to put in your earplugs before you go to bed. Jimmy John's just doesn't taste as good as you thought it did. Wal-Mart on Campus is a terrifying beacon of fluorescence (but the cheap Oreos for you to stress-eat are too much to resist). Just sit at a table and cry while the palm trees wave in the bright blue sky.

Student Services Building


It's true, the top of this building is rarely inhabited. There are many tables to lay your head down, and it overlooks trees, in case you're going for that communion with nature. The business school buildings loom in the background, too. Bonus: The sun rises in the east; if you're waiting for dawn, you can silently sob while your tears glisten in the new sunshine.

Hayden Library


If you've ever actually entered this place, you'll know that the decades-old book smell mixes delicately with hot tears. Something (probably that term paper or annotated bibliography) has set you a-crying in Hayden before. Why leave the library proper for a good long sob? Sit right there, Macbook charger, earbuds and phone charger jumbled in an electric mass.

Honors Hall


Barrett kids, you know what we're talking about. The "comfortable" couches are the best place to lose yourself to work and sadness. After five hours of a Human Event paper, why not hysterically laugh until you cry? When a Freudian analysis of Charlotte Perkins Gillman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" was too much to deal with, maybe you listened to Beach House's "On The Sea" 10 times before you were able to get off the floor.

(Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat) (Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat)

Old Main Lawn


Imagine this: You're a Victorian woman who's dying of consumption and your boyfriend died in the Civil War. Where do you cry? You go to Old Main and sit near the fountain, sobbing gracefully. Hopefully, someone from the 21st century will come and comfort you as you mourn your loss.

Newsroom Couch


We've all been there. It's 10:30 p.m., and your deadline passed hours ago. Your editor is also silently sobbing and eating his 10th Bosa doughnut. The night silently slides away as you sit and wait to produce your review of Lana Del Rey's new album.

(Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat) (Photo Illustration by Ben Moffat)

The Center of the MU


This is the place that you cry because ... well, you don't know why. It's honestly the most private place, considering there's so many people. The safety in numbers part of this location will protect you.

Note: If you're having trouble with any stress or depression, please contact ASU Counseling Services. You can call or walk into locations on any of the four campuses during the day or call ASU's EMPACT hotline after hours or on weekends at 480-921-1006.


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