From the Desk: Finding a happy place

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As I sit here in my pajamas, poised to complete this post and write a class essay, I feel an overwhelming calmness. It's surprising.

This week, I've dealt with challenges and major life decisions. I've also stepped into new places that offered me a wonderful sense of serenity and happiness. Yes, those places do exist.

This week I had the chance to visit The Book Gallery, a bookstore in the heart of the Arcadia neighborhood in Phoenix. There's a sibling location in Mesa on Main Street. These bookstores are true treasure troves, stacked to the brim with books and artifacts. I'd say that they're the most picturesque book stores I've ever seen.

It was at The Book Gallery that I decided that my favorite genre was Latin American literature, specifically magical realism. Discoveries like that don't happen every day, I feel privileged that I was in such a beautiful bookstore at the time.

I fully advocate that this week you find a place that brings you the serenity you need. Life can be stressful, and school and other obligations often bog us down. But we should always seek out that happy place, where we're reminded that everything will be a-ok.

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