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Letter: Write-ins give voters ability to protest districting

For voters in rigged districts where there is only one candidate to vote for that they don't like, here is an idea to let them show their displeasure. Unlike some places, Arizona does not have "None of the Above" as a ballot election. But they do allow write-in candidates, and a ballot marked for a write-in candidate gets automatically tabulated and will show up immediately in the results available on election night. Instead of voting for the only candidate, or not voting for any candidate, just mark the write-in selection and write "None of the Above" in the blank where a name would go.


This idea would not change the outcome of an election, but as it stands now, most unopposed candidates win with something like 99 percent of the vote and then think they have some sort of mandate. If they only got something like 70 percent of the vote and the rest were write-ins cast as a "None of the Above" vote, it would send a message and might show that candidates from other parties are viable in future elections. Just imagine a candidate being interviewed about their win on election night after running unopposed and having to explain why so many people voted for "None of the Above."

Send a message in this election if you don't like your choices. Use the write-in capability to tell them "None of the Above."

Jeffrey Greeson

MBA 1987


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