Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 8-15

Last week, the stars were just abuzz with Mercury’s movement into retrograde. This week, the headlines scrawled in tealeaves are all about the lunar eclipse happening on Oct. 8. Lunar events send superstitious folks clamoring to subscribe meaning to things like full moons and lunar eclipses, but the zodiac work your guide is deals in is scientific fact, basically. Yes, the lunar eclipse will affect each sign — just in varied and exciting ways! Some of you may find yourselves embroiled in a love triangle, uncovering shocking secrets about your lovers or confronting your subconscious desires! It’s a fun week. Read on to uncover what the lunar eclipse will mean for you, but remember, your guide to the stars does not accept legal liability for the accuracy of these claims — no matter how scientific his processes of interpretation are.



Hey, Aries, in case you didn’t get the memo, there’s a lunar eclipse happening in your sign on Wednesday night (which — if you reading this on Wednesday — means tonight). This lunar happening will bring a profound realization about yourself to the surface, and it may result in some minor to extreme turbulence. The fasten seatbelt sign is now on. Please listen to your flight attendant — which is, in the case of your horoscope, me. While turbulence experienced during an actual flight really serves no existential purpose, turbulence in life is where you, like, grow and stuff. If you really buckle down and learn from these ominous clouds and harsh winds, this could wind up being one of the most important flights of your life. Moral of the metaphor: Be prepared to be unprepared — if that makes any sense at all.



The lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 just happens to fall in your star chart’s section of “captivity.” Not to worry, though, these chains won’t hold ya down. On the contrary, if you’re willing to exert the effort to cast off any oppressive forces that have you down, you’ll experience a newfound sense of freedom (we’re talking about things on an individual scale. Now is not the time you will successfully defeat the patriarchy; that goes way beyond the skill level of your guide to the stars). The lunar eclipse will bring that missing piece into plain sight, and you’ll know what to do. Caught in a dead end relationship? Bummed out by an obnoxious friend? Break free, Taurus! Fly! Fly away!


Last week, Mercury was the bearer of bad vibes, but this week, it’s gliding on over into your star chart’s section of amusement and entertainment. You will have no trouble at all heralding in a nice jovial atmosphere for fall break, which will certainly draw new friends into your life. Consider hosting a shindig and inviting people you kinda sorta know, but would like to get to know better. Three glasses of boxed wine into a party is a great time to strike up a nice, impassioned conversation about any topic under the sun with people you barely know. As a Gemini, you’re a firecracker of a socializer when you want to be. Mercury is still in retrograde, though, so you might end up crossing paths with an old friend/lover/person you blocked on Facebook three months ago. This isn’t always such a bad thing; now just might be the time to reconnect with someone who has been off your radar for awhile.



Because the moon is the planetary mass you resonate with most, the lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 will have a rather deep impact on you, Cancer. The stars know you’ve been orbiting around some pretty serious issues over the past few weeks that are deeply ingrained in your sense of self. Don’t keep those under wraps. Let them rise to the surface, eh? You’re definitely on the cusp of a very abrupt directional shift in your life, and the stars suggest you should be prepared to embark upon this journey with minimal baggage.




You’ll be confronted with a side of yourself that normally remains in the shadows this week, courtesy of the lunar eclipse on Oct. 8. This may lead you to a new level of understanding of how your unconscious impulses/desires/neuroses influence your conscious self. In that vein, Mercury’s move into your house of communication may inspire you to share this discovery on social media. Don’t do that. Consider taking a black and white selfie in dramatic lighting, but steer clear of Tumblr rants on the subject of identity and the like. If you’re working to understand how different aspects of your personality play off of each, talk your close friends. You may be surprised (or not surprised, depending on who you hang out with) to find that they’re struggling to understand themselves in the same way.




You’ve likely been spending an almost unbearably long time working on the same thing in your life, beloved Virgo, and it probably seems like you’re at the point where you might have to do a total overhaul of your life to really effect any change in this area on which you’ve fixated your efforts. Well, yeah, this is probably true (the stars said it, not me). Because Mercury is still doing that retrograde thing, it seems like this change is just moving a little too slowly. Don’t get too frustrated, though. You’ll start to see a slow but purposeful acceleration of the winds of change in your life.


The lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 is happenin’ in the section of your star chart dedicated to partnerships. When paired with a Mercury still in retrograde, this means the doors may be flung open on a shocking parcel of information that may lead you to reevaluate your idea of your partner/casual hookup/lover/whatever. But, hey, the truth is something you should know. This plot twist may be just one of many in a wild ride that has the potential to be soap opera-worthy. The stars aren’t hinting that you’ll discover the existence of your identical twin or wind up in a convoluted love quadrilateral, though. Try and keep a solid front as you untangle this web. There are more tranquil days ahead, dear Libra.




This whole Mercury in retrograde business still looms large for you, Scorpio. It just settled into your 12th house of endings, which means the tea leaves at the bottom of your guide’s teacup depict a scene where others are plotting against and/or behind you (It’s really amazing how much can be made out of a soggy pile of loose leaf tea!). As the insightful little starburst you are, you might even know who is doing all this hushed conspiring against you, but shrug ‘em off. Opting to pull the (figurative) knives out now (or ever, really) just isn’t worth your time. You’re not Caesar, and no one is going to stab you in a large hall made of marble. No amount of nefarious plotting on the part of your enemies will genuinely tarnish your place in the world. There’s just a big ol’ cloud of anxiety and paranoia in the air, so just lay low for a bit, eh?



Hey-yo, Sagittarius, the lunar eclipse on Oct. 8 falls in your star chart’s home of fertility and sexuality! So, if you want to, like, have a child, that might work out for you. If you’re an “average” college student, however, your libido is on fire. Sagittarius, light of someone’s life, fire of their loins — your lust is going to be insatiable in the coming week. Indulging in a little excess isn’t a bad thing (if you’re safe), but don’t go overboard. There are other ways to quell your lust that don’t necessarily require inviting a revolving door of suitors into your bed. If there’s one thing your guide to the stars isn’t interested in, though, it’s dictating anyone’s sex life. Do your own thing.




A nice dose of drama is looming in the wings, Capricorn, and the lunar eclipse just might force it into the light of day. Things may get complicated, and a few secrets may be revealed! Geewhiz, you’d think this is a promo for the one-hour soap opera of your life. It’s not. Bad vibes are working their way out of your life, and it just seems like they want to have the most dramatic exit possible. The point is that you’ve recently set out into the unknown with a destination in mind. There are going to be a few twists and turns in the road courtesy of forces beyond your control that may take you to a totally different place than you expected. You may just come to realize, however, that where you eventually end up is what you were looking for all along.




Watch out for unintended subtext in your texts this week, Aquarius, because the lunar eclipse has distorted your normally clear channels of communication. Misunderstandings and complications are bound to grow out of seemingly innocuous sentences like “I’m okay,” “I guess I’ll see you later,” etc. This is actually a pretty universal side effect of communication in our frighteningly modernized world, though, so it happens to everyone. When possible, rely on talking with your friends/coworkers/co-people in the real world, and keep chats in the cool glow of technology to a minimum. As a cherry on that sundae, there’s a lot going on under the surface in your life right now. You’ve realized an old system of beliefs about yourself isn’t only ill fitting, it’s potentially self-destructive. Despite this awareness, it’s super difficult correcting ingrained patterns of behavior. Don’t beat ya’self up for slipping back into your old ways every so often. You haven’t undone the progress you’ve made. You’re moving in a good direction, Aquarius.




This wee little eclipse happening on Oct. 8 will bring major tidings of renewal into your life, gentle Pisces — especially in the world of finance. You may finally pay back that $20 you’ve owed your roommate for five weeks or you might get a poorly timed birthday card with a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings in it. Only the stars know. Whatever happens, expect a sense of calm to overtake you in the dull world of finance. However, since Mercury is still doing that retrograde thing, this boost of moola might not happen until the end of the month. So, uh, you might be broke for a while. Which is a little bit of a bummer since you’re going to feel especially grateful for the people in your life, and you’ll want to show them how much you care. Hey, you can do that without money, though! Hush, Pisces, hush. You’ll experience a boost in your proverbial pocketbook (does anyone use those anymore?) by the end of the month. The stars just felt compelled to let you know in advance.



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