The MusicPhile: An Introduction

Urban Dictionary defines “musicphile” as “a person who thoroughly enjoys listening to a wide selection of music and varied musical genres.”


While it is not something tangible, an object one can see or touch, music affects our brain. Harmonic rhythms can release dopamine to our brain, which in turn spills chills down our spine. In the summer of 2010, standing shoulder-to-shoulder at Pitchfork Music Festival, I was captivated by a then up-and-coming band, Local Natives. The temperature reached nearly 100 degrees in the shade yet during its tune “Airplanes”, the chills would not subside. A wide smile firmly plastered to my face, goose bumps covered my arms and even my cheeks (that’s when you know it’s good). That song still holds a spot as one of my all-time favorites.

Music has the power to make us feel. It pleads for attention. It can even create focus or spur creativity. Aside from physical effects, melodies are qualified to control our emotions. There is a reason why we gravitate toward melancholic songs when we are down, lyrics alluding to lost love when we experience heartbreak or even a good old fashioned party anthem when want to dance it out with friends. Television shows and movies utilize music to build suspense or complement a scene. A particular chorus may evoke a sense of nostalgia and remind us of a time and place we once were. Music has a knack for prompting flashbacks and does not discriminate between positive or negative reactions; death, love, sorrow and yearning are at the mercy of a soaring chorus or rousing lyrics.

My Morning Jacket stated this notion perfectly on the track “The Way That He Sings”:

“Why does my mind blow to bits every time / they play that song / it's just the way that he sings / not the words that he says, or the band / I'm in love with this soul / it's a meaning that I understand”

I could go on. My passion and fervor for music is often internalized, so I am delighted to have an outlet to share my sentiments, perceptions and impressions on the vast landscape of music. It is an ideal platform for a musicphile such as myself.

To get a taste of what I'm currently obsessing over, check out my appropriately titled Spotify playlist "My Current Obsessions" and let me know what you think! Along with "My Current Obsessions" are more playlists to accompany a good cry, boost a cardio session or relive a Coachella weekend, with many more to come.


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