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Although it seems like spring semester just started, midterm season has found its way into our lives. To be honest, it's not something anyone needs right now, but if we grit our teeth and power through it, we might just be OK.

This harsh reality — that we're at college to learn, not expand our social culture — can only be survived with careful planning. Here are some of The State Press Editorial Board's survival tips for a successful midterms week.

1. Invest in a good pillow

You'll probably find a lot of reasons to cry — stress, anger, the crushing reality that you shouldn't have put off those readings, the inevitability that "real adult life" is fast approaching, etc. — and to be honest, it's going to get pretty annoying. It may even get exhausting. The best way to combat the repercussions of crying is by investing in a good pillow. Use it to smother your wails and dry your tears. When you've cried yourself out, fall right back on your pillow and take a nap. Sleep it off and try again tomorrow.

2. Craft the perfect study playlist

Take a study break to create a playlist that will encourage you to keep studying. Or, if you're lazy/busy/not great at making playlists, delve into the world of Spotify, 8tracks and Bandcamp. Just search for "study playlists" and you're all set. There's something about music and memories that just go together.


3. Break out those comfy clothes

Take time to thank not only God but also Jesus for sweatpants, leggings as pants and plenty of oversized sweaters. Gym shorts and Nike slides and high socks — oh my! Spend the week dressing like it's winter break and you're six seasons deep on a Netflix bender. It's a great time to be alive. (Minus all the stress, exams and term papers we're cramming).


4. Avoid mirrors — it's for the best, really.

See previous tip. Midterms week is a good time to let yourself go — and it's fine, everything's fine because everyone will be letting themselves go, too! Lose that hairbrush if the feeling's right, skip a few showers (but don't skimp on the deodorant, Arizona winter is almost over, ya know?) and bow out on anything that might make you look like a human being. It's selfish to pretend you're still functioning when midterms are tearing everyone apart.


5. Treat yo self

You've earned it! It's been a whirlwind of a semester so far, and you probably haven't been treating yourself as well as you deserve. Or, maybe you have been. Either way, you've still earned it — it's midterms! Dress in head-to-toe cashmere, buy tons of new clothing and don your Batman gear. De-stress with retail therapy. You'll feel better about your grungy midterm self.

Relax and breathe, young Devils. Just think, once you ascend the hellscape of the week and kick these midterms' asses, you'll be on top of your social game with a rockin' GPA. Breathe in; breathe out; ingest tons of junk food. Remember: #ItGetsBetter.


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